zambia lusaka port sunflowers cold press oil expeller in african

zambia lusaka port sunflowers cold press oil expeller in african

Zambians enjoy eating delectable cuisine. Cooking oil is an essential ingredient in the preparation of delectable food. As a result, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a new business, the cooking oil industry is an excellent choice.

If you plan to set up a sunflower oil mill plant in Zambia, you will be curious about the total cost of setting up a sunflower oil mill plant. Here I will briefly introduce to you the cost structure of setting up a sunflower oil mill plant.

Generally, the total cost of establishing a sunflower oil mill plant will be decided by many factors, including: land cost, raw material cost, sunflower oil processing machine cost, labor cost and so on. Next let's learn about them detailedly . (Read More: Sunflower Oil Production Business Plan>>)

Sunflower Oil Pressing Process

The pressing method is the most ancient method in which specific pressure is applied on the Sunflower seeds for obtaining oil. Currently, the hydraulic press and screw press crushing equipment are in use for the oil pressing process. The cold pressing method is the most commonly oil pressing used method. In this process oil is extracted from the Sunflower seeds by means of simple mechanical pressing but this method does not completely extract the oil from the seeds hence a new technique super critical fluid technologies (STFs) has been introduced and it yields far better results than the traditional cold pressing technique. Expeller pressing is also used in which force is used for pressing. In this process, the seed are crushed under high pressure for the extracting of crude oil which is refined further for making it usable. (Related Information: Small Scale Edible Sunflower Palm Kernel Soybean Oil Refining Machine in Zambia>>)

 Screw Type Sunflower Oil Machinery

Screw type sunflower oil machinery is an oil making machine that helps extract sun flower oil form the sunflower seeds for commercial and biofuel purposes. The screw type sunflower oil machinery consists of:

  • Feeder
  • Gear box
  • Pressing cage
  • Machine stand
  • Pressing chamber
  • Screw shaft

Working Principle of Screw  Oil Machinery

The working principle of screw type sunflower oil machine is based upon screw driven machine work that uses the screw shaft for rotation. It consist of different types of screws which rotates the machine centrifugally to push the material inside the pressing chamber. Due to the spiral depth of the screw, screw becomes shorter while rotating which pushes the material under the curved circular saw tooth as a result oil is separated out. The extracted oil is also released through bars and slots between gaps and rings of the chamber. The sunflower oil machinery is feasible for getting oil because it has the advantage of being equipped with electrical controlled cabinet which maintains the temperature and pressure inside the pressing cage chamber. It has also an electric motor installed in the bottom, which improves the performance of machine. Therefore, Sunflower Oil machinery has an important role in industrial acquisition of the Sunflower oil.

How to Start Cooking Oil Manufacturing Business in Zambia?

Some of the steps to start a cooking oil production business in Zambia are as follows:

  • Examine the Market

It is critical to research the demand for cooking oil in various parts of Zambia, as it is heavily influenced by income and population density. The common hot sale cooking oils has soybean oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, etc.

  • Developing a Business Project Report

A business project report must also be prepared in order to obtain financing from banks and other financial institutions. Financial and technical analysis must be included in the report. The technical analysis must include manufacturing technologies, plant capacity, raw materials to be used, and the overall organization's production process. The business objectives must be stated clearly, and attention must be paid to the financial aspects of the business, which include working capital, fixed costs, expected sales revenue, and ROI.

  • Make the Financial Arrangements

If the cooking oil business cannot be started with self-owned funds, funds can be obtained from banks or local venture capital firms to start such a business.

  • Choose A Location

To begin a cooking oil making business, it is necessary to look for a suitable location for the establishment of a profitable enterprise. Cooking oil does not require much storage space.

  • Determine the Oil Production Process

There are numerous edible oil production processes available on the market today to maximize oil extraction from various oil seeds. If the oil content of the oil seeds is high, mechanical pressing will extract approximately 85% of the oil. To extract the majority of it, the solvent extraction method for oil cake residual must be used. One must select an oil production process that meets the needs of the business. Welcome to contact us to get the max oil yield of different oil seeds!

  • Buying Cooking Oil Processing Machinery

The main requirement in the cooking oil business is machinery. There are numerous oil mill machinery suppliers in the world that provide oil extraction machinery. A thorough investigation must be conducted in order to select the most dependable company from which to purchase the cooking oil manufacturing machine.

  • Install Machinery and Establish a Cooking Oil Plant.

After purchasing the cooking oil processing machinery, install it and complete the cooking oil business setup. The supplier of cooking oil machinery will install the machinery, and the cooking oil plant will be built.

  • Obtaining Raw Materials

It is critical to find a consistent source of raw materials for the business. As a result, the company must identify a source from which raw materials can be obtained on a regular basis.

  • Business Registration

In Zambia, registering a cooking oil business is required. The business is granted a trade license once the registration is completed. A bank account must be opened to conduct the necessary transactions.