Small Scale Edible Sunflower Palm Kernel Soybean Oil Refining Machine in Zambia

Small Scale Edible Sunflower Palm Kernel Soybean Oil Refining Machine in Zambia

Product Description


Small Scale Edible Sunflower Palm Kernel Soybean Oil Refining Machine in Zambia

Company Profile

QI'E is a reliable manufacturer of vegetable oil machine including screw oil press/expeller, hydraulic cold expeller press, mechanical oil pressing machine, solvent oil extraction machine, and also customized cooking oil production line and crude oil refinery equipment. Over 10 years of experience in equipment manufacturing and project constraction has proved our strong ability and great product quality.


Main Equipment for Vegetable Oil Manufacturing Plant

Oil Expeller Machine (Oil Squeezer): Includes traditional screw oil expeller and cold pressed hydraulic oil press machine. It can be widely applied to make oil from various oilseeds such as soybean, peanut, sunflower seeds, cottonseeds, sesame, rapeseed, linseed, neem, moringa seeds, pumpkin seed, flaxseed, grape seed, etc. (Capacity Range: 0.8ton~20tons/day small oil mill plant, medium-sized oil processing plant)

Oil Refinery Plant: The edible oil refining machine (including soybean oil refining machine and palm kernel oil refining machine and sunflower oil refining machine) is to remove all kinds of impurities, and make the least damage to the neutral oil and natural antioxidants (tocopherol), so as to produce high quality oil produces. According to the refining scale, it is divided into 1-10ton/day Batch Type Small/Mini Oil Refinery Plant, 10-50 ton/day Semi-Continuous type Crude Oil Refinery Plant and 30-100T Continuous Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant.

Complete Oil Mill Plant: Offer customized both 1-20ton/day small oil production plant and 20-500ton/day cooking oil manufacturing plant. All our projects are designed based on different oilseed, capacity, and your specific situation and requirments. The main types of vegetable oil processing process includes oil squeezing/pressing, solvent extraction, pre-pressing & solvent extraction, oil refining, oil purification/clarification, oil fractionation.


There are many different kinds of oil seeds for edible oil industry, QI'E Machienry is here to offer tailor-made oil processing solutions specifically designed according to different characteristics of different oil seeds materials
Common Oilseeds: Flax seeds, tea seeds, palm kernels, copra, coconut, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, soyabean, peanuts, cotton seeds, canola/rape seeds, mustard seeds, castor, hemp, black seed, groundnut, corn germ, rice bran, avocado and fish oil, etc

Main Sections and Process Design of Commercial Oil Mill Production Line

Oilseed Pretreatment: The oilseeds are procured, cleaned, flaked and cooked to ensure the oilseeds in the best condition prior topressing and extraction.
Mechanical Oil Milling Plant: It is a mechanical oil extracting method or seeds, nuts and vegetables, adopts oil pressing or expeller pressing/expelling process. The process is based on physics pressure which is featured of chemical-free. The process uses physical mechanical oil pressing method to exact oil out from the oil seeds with the main machines of seed cleaning machine, crushing machine, flaking machine, steam cooking machine, oil press machine and oil filter machine.
Solvent Extraction Plant: Adopts the working principle of solvent extracting technology to extract the oil from the oil seeds. There are batch oil extract machine (oil extractor) and continuous extractor (rotary extractor, loop type extractor, crawler type extractor). The capacity of edible oil solvent extraction plant ranges from 300kg to 100MT. The oil yield of solvent oil extraction plant can reach up to 99%, which is 60% higher than mechanical expeller oil processing. It is the best choice for commerical/industrial vegetable oil production line.
Edible Oil Refinery Plant: Both physical refinery and chemical refinery (batch& continuous) is available. Generally includes degumming, neutralization, bleaching and deodorizing/deodorization and winterization.


Why Choose Us?

We are an international manufacturer, supplier and exporter of vegetable oil mill machinery and cooking oil mill plant (including soybean oil refining machine, palm kernel oil refining machine and sunflower oil refining machine). We can not only offer small scale cooking oil making machine, mini oil mill plant for starters to easily enter into the profitable oil industry, but also boast strong strengths to undertake customized complete turnkey projects of fully automatic oil mill plant and vegetable oil refining line.

Strong Project Engineering Capability: QI'E is a large grain&oil machinery manufacturer integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service. The main technical team consists of professional technicians and process engineers. Thanks to the independent technology development department -- "Technology R&D Center", we can customize technical solutions according to customer needs.

Business Cooperation All Over the World: We have sales, service and engineering operations around the world, cooperate with more than 50 countries, while providing localized services.

Advanced Processing Equipment, Quality Assurance: Imported domestic and foreign CNC equipment with high processing precision. Each process in the production workshop is strictly trained according to standardized criteria, and the chief engineer personally manages the process during the production process to ensure product quality.


Successful Projects of Edible Oil Processing Plant

We are offering the factory price oil expeling machines and providing complete edible oil production line in many countries around the world, including Mexico, Panama, Pakistan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Chile, Brazil, Jamaica, Nigeria, Argentina, Ghana, Ethiopia, Russia, Australia, USA, Cameroon, Somalia, Uganda, UK, Moldova etc..


Main Process of Edible Oil Refining Machine

Degumming: the hydration (degumming) process is water washing oil to achieve the purpose of water precipitation, and water and oil separation automatically. Hydration is the removal of hydrating substances from crude soybean oil. Usually, a certain amount of water is added to crude oil to hydrate the phospholipids, and the hydrate - gelatin is removed by centrifugal separation. Degumming removes not only phospholipids, but also carbohydrates and other sticky substances such as proteins, plant gels and gels. The presence of these impurities in crude soybean oil will increase the loss of oil in the refining process.

Alkali Deacidification: a certain amount of free fatty acids are contained in crude oil. The process of removing these fatty acids is called deacidification. The usual method of deacidification is alkali refining, which refers to adding alkaline water solution to oil (crude oil or hydrated degumming oil) for neutralization and chemical reaction to achieve the purpose of deacidification.

Decolorizing: various oils have different colors because they contain different pigments. Chlorophyll, for example, is grease that turns dark green, and carotene that turns grease yellow. In storage, the sugar machine breaks down the protein and turns the fat brown. The process of decoloring is to repeatedly wash with water, to achieve decoloring purposes. The process is carried out in a vacuum environment.

Deodorizing: different oils have different degrees of odor, some people like, some people do not. Generally, various odors brought by oil are called "stink", and the main substances causing the "stink" in oil are fatty acids, while the content of other stink ingredients is very small. The deodorization process is to remove fatty acids from oil. Oil deodorization makes uses of the differences of fatty acid in oils and fats and other substances in different steam pressure,  temperature on the difference of volatility. Under the condition of high temperature and vacuum with the help of the process of water vapor distillation out bad smell. Deodorizing removes unpleasant odors that are volatile in oil.

Product Properties
Max Capacity:
Showroom Location:
Production Capacity:
10000 KG
1 Year
Key Selling Points:
Advanced Design, High Quality, Automatic
Marketing Type:
Factory Direct Sales
Machinery Test Report:
Video outgoing-inspection:
Warranty of core components:
1 Year
Core Components:
Motor, Reducer
Oil type:
Seed Oil
Other Oil-bearing Materials:
corn,palm kernel,castor,black neem,cotton seed
Supplier Type:
Factory direct sales, wholesale manufacturers
Processing Technology:
pressing, solvent extraction,cold pressed
Production Scale:
small, mini homeuse,fully complete industrial
Output (T/D):
Main Process:
screw squeezing,cold-press,oil milling,refining
Main Market:
Zambia,Ghana,Ethiopia,Russia,Sri Lanka,Africa
Final Products:
making vegetable/cooking oil,rapeseed oil