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Sunflower Oil Processing Machinery

Sunflower seeds is also harvested for edible oil making. Sunflower oil, yellow and transparent, is healthy edible oil that can low cholesterol, boost energy, improve skin clarity, moisturize skin and reduce inflammation. The production of sunflower oil in the world ranges from 1 to 12 million tons, being one of the most important edible oil in Asia, Africa and America. The production of sunflower oil starts by the cleaning of seeds, cooking, pressing, refining and packing. As the heartbeat of sunflower oil pressing, the performance of screw oil expeller plays important role in sunflower oil making. (Read more about Sunflower Oil Production Line >>)

Screw Sunflower Oil Press Expeller for Sales

QI'E provides different sunflower oil expeller models to fit different oil making needs. Screw oil press expeller is now the most popular equipment due to its superior versatility and stable performances. Through simple mechanical pressing force, the oil-bearing seeds are pushed towards to the pressing chamber where equipped with pressing rings and pressing bars, the start of oil expeller automatically pushes the materials into pressing chamber to squeeze oil out. And, the oil is collected through the oil tray and the oil cake is expelled out from the machine.

Cooking Oil Press Machine for Sale

Sunflower Oil Machine for Sales

Features of Sunflower Oil Expeller

  • High quality steel fabricated base and bodies for long-term life
  • Well-designed components for smooth and stable oil pressing
  • Easy operation, less maintenance, small footprint, low cost
  • Superior quality of oil and cake with less residual oil
  • Control handle to adjust the cake thickness as required
  • Can be customized based on the specific sunflower oil production process

Reliable Screw Oil Expeller Supplier

QI'E is a leading screw oil press expeller supplier. We are backed with strong leadership, dedicated workforce and progressive updated technology. That is why we can won the trust of our customers. Now, let us take a look about how the sunflower oil expeller is manufactured?

Screw Sunflower Oil Press

sunflower oil expeller

Quality Inspection and Packing of Oil Expeller

spare parts of sunflower oil expeller
Sunflower Oil Expeller Spare Parts for Sales

Our oil expeller is guaranteed with factory low price, which will help you lower the cost of the setup of oil mill plant. As the most important part of oil processing, oil expeller is strongly connected with the oil processing capacity, automatic scale, the quality of final vegetable oil and other factors.

Complete Sunflower Oil Production Process

  • Sunflower Seeds Selecting and Cleaning

In order to ensure the quality of final sunflower oil, it is better to select sunflower seeds with oil content of 30~50% above. Then, clean the impurities contained in the sunflower seeds, including straws, metal iron, stones and more. (Related Post: Setup a Complete Cooking Oil Production Plant >> )

  • Sunflower Seeds Shelling and Crushing

Shelling process is to get the sunflower kernels. It is better to control the shell content in sunflower kernel is less than 10% and the sunflower kernel content in the shell is less than 1%. Then, adopting the crushing equipment to squeeze the sunflower kernels into small pieces, which is to smooth the following sunflower oil processing and increasing oil yield.

  • Sunflower Seeds Flaking and Steaming or Cooking

The sunflower kernels after crushing can be still broken into embryonic flakes to damage the cell tissues for easy oil extraction. Then, steaming or cooking equipment is used to adjust the moisture and temperature of the sunflower embryos.

  • Sunflower Oil Pressing

Using the screw oil press machine, according the capacity, to press the sunflower oil out from the processed embryos. Now the sunflower oil press machine varies from the functions, but most sunflower oil making machines still belong to mechanical sunflower oil extraction method, which ensures the oil yield and lower the cost. (Related Equipment: Sunflower Oil Press Machine >>)

  • Sunflower Oil Refining and Dewaxing

The oil refining machine is to remove most of the impurities contained in the crude sunflower oil so as to improve the quality. It is worth noting that sunflower oil, unlike other vegetable oils, has high wax content in the crude sunflower oils. Therefore, most of the edible oil refining plant is also equipped with dewaxing process for sunflower oil production. (Related Article: Sunflower Oil Extraction Machine for Sale >>)

sunflower oil expelling process

QI'E is dedicated to supply the most advanced screw oil expeller press for our customer by investing greatly on the tapering of the screw and design of the pressing worm with the aim to maximizing the final oil yield. In addition, we also supply turnkey services for vegetable oil processing. The Oil Pressing Pressing Projects are robust, flexible, versatile, safe, reliable and efficient. These plants are based on the commercially proven technologies, which are not only energy efficient & environment friendly, but also cost effective!(You may also interested: Sunflower Oil Production Business Plan>>)