Mini/Small Soybean Oil Pressing Machine for Sale

With years of development, we have been the expert in supplying low cost and high quality soybean oil expeller machine for clients around the world. In addition to offer screw type oil press, we also undertake complete turnkey oil mill plant for various oil-bearing seeds, including mustard seeds, soybeans, palm kernel, sunflower, niger seeds, moringa seeds, copra, and more. (Read more about Soybean Oil Press Machine Supplier >>)

Mini/Small Soybean Oil Pressing  Machine Structure

The soybean oil pressing machine mainly consists of feeding hopper, gear box, pressing chamber, screw shaft and machine stand. Every part is well designed for the best oil extracting results. All the materials for our oil machine is of premium quality and can ensure long-term uses. Here, we will have a clear and comprehensive introduction of the structure of small soybean oil machine, which provides you a full understanding about its working prinple and its operation and maintenances.

  • Feeding - The feeding part is composed of hopper, screw feeder, umbrella gear, axle seat, bearing and others. The feeding capacity and the ratio of umbrella gear drive is in perfect based on different models. Well-designed feeding hopper provides smooth materials feeding and minimal noises.
  • Gear Box - The gear box of soybean oil pressing machine is made up of gearbox casing, cover, cylindrical gear, transmission shaft, antifriction bearing, triangular belt-wheel and more. Disassembly the screw-plug on top of the gearbox casing, it can be directly inject lubricating oil. While, discharge the drain plug on the bottom of the gear box can release the lubricating oil directly. In addition, the oil mark on the left side of the gear box can be used to observe the oil level. Therefore, the whole design of the gear box is user-focused, which provide great conveniences in actual oil production.
  • Pressing Chamber - As the core heart of the whole soybean oil machine, the pressing chamber is mainly made up of upper pressing cage, down pressing cage, rails group ring, pressing bar, pressing rings cake output ring, pressing bolt and more. The ends of pressing chamber is connected to gear box and machine stand. For best oil pressing performance, all the pressing rings must be arranged and combined in sequence strictly when installing or disassembling.
  • Screw Shaft - The screw shaft is mainly composed of screw shaft, worm, cake guide ring, adjusting bolt, safe cover, surface bearing and others.
  • Machine Stand - It is mainly made up of base, stand, barrel and other components. The main base is the basic part of the whole machine. In addition to support other components, the main stand is also the outlet of oil cake.

The pressing bar, pressing ring, cake output ring, cake guide ring and other parts of our soybean oil press machine are made of high quality steel. After After heat treatment surface deep carbon - nitrogen co-osmosis – quenching, they all have high level of wear resistance. If you buy the soybean oil pressing unit from us, you are guaranteed with professional after-sale services, including the instruction of maintenances, replacement of spare parts of your soybean oil machine and more. You are very welcomed to contact us to have direct communication with us about all the problems of soybean oil pressing equipment.

Mini Soybean Oil Pressing Machine For Sales

Model Capacity Power Weight Size
6yl-85 60-80kg/h 5.5kw 200kg 1200×400×900mm3
6yl-95 150-200kg/h 7.5-11kw 530kg 1600*700*1350mm3
6yl-105 210-300kg/h 15kw 550kg 1825*700*1350mm3
6yl-128 300-375kg/h 15Kw 775kg 2000*600*1170 mm³
6yl-130 450-500kg/h 18.5kw 850kg 2010*800*1380 mm3
6yl-150 750-850kg/h 30Kw 1380kg 2180*790*1790 mm3

If you some knowledge of oil pressing machinery, you will know how important the quality is for the oil production. Our soybean oil pressing machine is featured with state-of-the-art design, superior quality, and high efficiency. More important, it is also suitable for other vegetable oil-bearing seeds, such as peanut, palm kernel, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, niger seeds, rape seeds and more. (Related project: Soybean Sunflower Oil Making Press Refining Machine Nigeria >>)

Soybean Oil Pressing Machine for Sale

The 6YL oil press machine can process various oilseeds including soybean, sesame, peanut, mustard seed, sunflower seed, castor seed, etc.


Get A Mini & Small Soybean Oil pressing Plant

Actually, using screw oil press machine to extract soybean oil is a pretty mature technology now. So, it not very difficult to set up a oil pressing plant by yourself using our mini soybean oil machine or small soybean oil pressing machine. If you are truly interested in it, first of all, you should have a clear idea about the process of how to extract soybean oil. Soybean belongs to low oil content crops. The oil content of soybean is about 11~20%. Before entering into the oil extracting machine, soybeans should be treated to ensure highest oil yield. The whole oil pressing flow chart of soybean oil pressing is as follows.

Soybean --> Cleaning --> Crushing --> Cooking --> Pressing --> Filtration --> Crude Soybean Oil

Based on different areas and oil pressing requirements, we will have customized soybean oil pressing process for our clients. For example, we will add extruding and drying for clients from South America to minimize labor cost and maximize the oil output. If you want to know the detailed soybean oil processing flow chart in your country, please tell us more your information about soybean oil production.

After get understand the right process of soybean oil extracting, the next step is to get the respective equipment to form a complete line of soybean oil pressing. Fortunately, we have rice experiences in soybean oil extracting, so we can offer the full set of soybean oil pressing plant in all scales, including min, small, medium and large.