Sunflower Seed Oil Press South Africa

Sunflower Seed Oil Press South Africa

Sunflower seed oil is one of main edible oil in South Africa. It is made from fresh Sunflower seed material. The sunflower seed oil production process is simple and easy to operate.

Sunflower seeds are extremely nutritional seeds packed with vitamins, protein, fibers and some of the essential minerals, as well as healthy fats. Sunflower seeds are commonly harvested for being snacks or the production of sunflower oil and cake oil. South Africa is the tenth largest producer of sunflower seeds in the world. The sunflower oil industry is one important economic sector in the country and even with some problems, which will be discussed later, South Africa remains an important importer for both sunflower oil and oilcake. About Sunflower Oil Manufacturing Cost, please contact us to get fress quotation.

Lately, the South African industry for these nutritious seeds has been pretty volatile in terms of production, while the demand for vegetable oil has increased by almost 40%. The volatility experienced by the production of sunflower seed caused visible fluctuation in the volumes produced. After a few years of ups and downs, lately, production in South Africa has been increasing. South Africa is a major exporter of the seeds for countries like Kenya, Namibia, Uganda, Botswana, and Pakistan. The largest factories for sunflower seeds in South Africa can be found in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces. South African domestic production is stable enough to be able to accommodate the local demand, thus most of the sunflower seeds products consumed in the country are produced locally.

Sunflower Oil Press Machine South Africa

Main Technical Parameters of Sunflower Oil Machine

Sunflower Oil Machine Type Capacity Power Color Remark
Single Screw Oil Press 60-850KG/H 5.5-30KW Blue or Customized /
Screw Oil Press with Heating System 60-500KG/H 5.5-4P-18.5-6P Blue, Silver or Customized with heating System
Automatic Oil Press with Air Press Filters 150-500KG/H 13.6-23.9KW Silver or Customized with air pressure oil filter and heating system
Automatic Oil Press with Vacuum Filters 150-500KG/H 13.6-23.9KW Silver or Customized with oil vacuum filter and heating system

Sunflower Oil Processing Steps

Sunflower oil processing technology is generally divided into two types, physical pressing and solvent extraction. The Small Oil Production Line adopts direct pressing method, and sunflower seed oil press is used for pressing, and the obtained sunflower seed oil is filtered or refined for sale. Sunflower seed oil is usually prepared by prepressing and then solvent extraction in Large Sunflower Oil Factory. Below details the production process in small scale sunflower oil processing plant by physical pressing for your reference.(You might want to kown about: Turkey Small Scale Sunflower Oil Press Price South Africa>>)

Cleaning: Selected sunflower seeds are cleaned or magnetic separated to remove the clods, stalks, leaves, and other impurities.
Husking: Husking is to improve the oil output and the quality of oilcake, at the same time, reduce wear and tear on oil press machine.
Flaking: Flaking is to increase the contact area between equipment and oilseeds, which will improve the effect of steaming or cooking and futher to improve the oil yield.
Steaming or Cooking: Steaming or cooking is to regulate the moisture and temperature of the embryo and finally improve the oil output.
Oil Pressing: Pressing is the process to squeeze oil out from the raw materials.
Oil Filtration: Crude sunflower oil is usually filtered to remove the oganic impurities.
Oil Refining: Most sunflower oil manufacturing plant will have oil refining machine to remove the unhealthy substance in the sunflower oil. We also provide efficient and customized Sunflower Oil Refinery Machine at wholesaling price.

What is the price of sunflower seed oil extraction machine in South Africa?

You must be very concerned about this question. But it makes no sense to discuss the price without the reference of your required scale of the sunflower seed oil production line. Because if you only want a small single sunflower seed oil extraction machine, the price is very low, as low as $2600. If you need a big scale sunflower seed oil production line, the price is relativly high. It can reach more than $400,000. Large-scale production and millions of investment are also very common.(Read More about Sunflower Oil Production Business Plan>>)

So if you really want to know more about the price of sunflower seed oil extraction machines, you should leave the information of your capacity, machines configuration, model type and so on in the below box of text. And don't forget your contact information. Then our project manager will contact you as soon as possible and will give you the price according to your situation.