oil press machine supplier johannesburg

oil press machine supplier johannesburg

Lately, the South African industry for these nutritious seeds has been pretty volatile in terms of production, while the demand for vegetable oil has increased by almost 40%. The volatility experienced by the production of sunflower seed caused visible fluctuation in the volumes produced. After a few years of ups and downs, lately, production in South Africa has been increasing. South Africa is a major exporter of the seeds for countries like Kenya, Namibia, Uganda, Botswana, and Pakistan. The largest factories for sunflower seeds in South Africa can be found in KwaZulu-Natal and johannesburg provinces. South African domestic production is stable enough to be able to accommodate the local demand, thus most of the sunflower seeds products consumed in the country are produced locally.

The automatic screw oil press machine is a very practical commercial oil press, mainly used by individual merchants to process various edible oils or used in large vegetable oil processing plants. Shuliy machinery mainly produces two efficient oil presses: hydraulic oil presses and screw oil presses. Our oil press machines have favorable prices, large output, and simple operation. They are welcomed by many foreign customers. Recently we have exported several screw oil presses to South Africa, and the customer feedback is very good.

Oil Press Machine

Production capacity:80-400 kg/h
Raw Material: peanuts, rapeseeds, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds and soybeans etc
Screw oil press machine is also called as screw oil expeller, which is advanced oil extracting machinery, characterized by its high oil yield with good quality, simple design and convenient operation. The screw oil press machine is for squeezing various oil materials, such as peanuts, rapeseeds, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds and soybeans etc. And this oil expeller has two types: semiautomatic oil press machine and automatic oil press machine.

Oil Press Features

◆Reasonable and simple design;
◆Small size, covering little space;
◆Saving labor and electricity;
◆Easy operation and convenient maintenance
Screw Oil Expeller Application
Screw oil presses are more suitable for medium-sized and small-sized grain and cooking oil processing factories or specialized households. They can press particle oil materials and powder oil materials, such as rapeseeds, cotton seeds, soybeans peanuts and sesame etc.

Oil Presser Working Principle

The screw oil press mainly uses the change of pressing screw pitch size and screw thread depth to reduce the volume between screw pitch and pressing chamber, the oil materials get stronger pressure gradually, thus the oil can be squeezed out of the oil materials. Meanwhile, the high pressure in the chamber and the strong friction generates high temperature, which can improve the oil yield.


▲The temperature of oil manufacture room should keep between 15℃ to 20℃. If the temperature is too low, it will affect the oil yield and oil quality.
▲Before pressing, the oil materials’ moisture content should be appropriate: peanuts with 8%—11%, soybeans with 5%—8%, cotton seeds with 4%—6%, rapeseeds with 6%—8%.
▲After running for three to four months, the screw oil press needs a maintenance. Lubricate the machine parts with machine oil at regular intervals.

Oil Production Challenges in South Africa

In terms of challenges, maybe the most obvious one of vegetable oil manufacturing industry in South Africa is the underutilization of the processing capacity of some South African companies. By being able to optimize the production process of the seeds, essential in the oil- making the costs could be significantly lowered, resulting in lower prices for the final customer and higher competitiveness in the market. With a better vegetable oil production system, imports might also improve, generating overall more returns on investment.

Furthermore, the lack of economic empowerment in the country, the social problems which South Africa is still facing and the lack of funding for innovation in such industries are some of the major obstacles to the growth of the vegetable seed industry in the country. There is a need for rapid improvements in yield potential as well, to optimize production at minimum cost and exploiting fully the potential that vegetable seeds carry. So, how much does a manufacturing plant cost? In today's market, a small scale vegetable oil production line, about 5 ton per day or above, may cost about $7,000 or more.

One challenge which the vegetable seed oil industry has to dace is represented by the competition with the more common Palm Oil. Both imports and production of palm oil around Africa have increased in the whole continent. Despite the general perception which tends to see vegetables not as profitable as maize, all in all, the industry of the vegetable seed oil has a lot of potential and opportunities to offer. South Africa might improve its industry by investing in better technologies and innovation since the plant is well-suited to its climate and its soils. Sunflower is effective in reducing the risk and the impact of droughts on the crops.


When you consult an oil press, our service process looks like this:
Our oil press application engineer talks with you to understand the function of your oil press.
Recommend the right model, but not the most expensive screw oil expeller for you. Note: We are selling at the factory price, and the price of the oil press is reasonable.
Send you the detailed information of the oil press, including price, parameters, working video, etc.
Further, negotiate and confirm with you whether the oil press can meet your requirements.
Finally, sign a formal oil sales contract.