Moringa Seed Oil Press Extraction Machine

According to researches, moringa seeds contain about 40% oil. There were many studies on the fatty acid composition of moringa oil. Althgouh there studies may have differences in researching sources, smaples and methods, the oleic acid content of moringa oil is between 62% - 78% generally. If adding up all the unsaturated fatty acid, the total unsaturated fatty acid content is much higher than 80%. So, moringa oil is of high content of unsaturated fatty acid. In addition, the behenic acid of moringa seed oil is also high, about 4% ~ 8%. Since the fatty acid composition of moringa seed oil is similar to olive oil and tea seed oil, moringa oil has the same functions of olive oil or tea seed oil when using as cooking oil. However, moringa oil has features that olive oil and tea seed oil don’t have, such as high degree of saturation, frying and corruption resistance. Surely, moringa oil is also higher in price than that of olive oil and tea seed oi.

Moringa Oil Press Machine

QI'E provides efficient screw oil press machine for moringa seeds oil extracting. The moringa oil press machine is newly designed with updated feeding system for stable and efficient materials feeding. The v-belt wheel with tension pulley offers great convenience for moringa oil machine to adjust feeding speeds freely. What is more, the helical gear that is equipped in gear box making oil extracting more stable and efficient by adjusting transmission and minimize the oil pressing noises.  (You may also be interested in Baobab Seed Oil Press>>)

 Features Of Moringa Oil Machine

  • ✱Patented structure design for noiseless, stable and efficient moringa oil pressing
  • ✱User-friendly operation requires less maintenance, less complicated operation
  • ✱Compact size and efficient oil pressing ability makes it great choice for small oil pressing lines, which is the ideal investment for many start-up business.
  • ✱Superior quality combined with high oil yield for long-term uses and cost effective oil pressing
  • ✱It is also suitable for other plant seeds, such as neem seeds, baobab seeds, black cumin seeds, niger seeds, prickly pear seeds, copra, sunflower seeds, peanut and more.


Applications Of Moringa Oil

Actually, it is obviously a waste to use moringa oil as cooking due to its high values and high price. Moringa oil should be in the best position in the production of medicines and cosmetics since it has outstanding functions in sterilization, blood lipids lowering, blood pressure reducing, gastrointestinal regulation, liver protection, anti-ultraviolet radiation, skin moistening, hair care and more. The refined moringa seed oil is in slight yellow and has a little fragrances. The quality of moringa oil is stable and can be fried repeatedly. So it is an upscale high quality cooking oil. In addition, moringa oil also has wide application in soap, cosmetics, medicine and other industry.

QI'E is a pioneer in moringa oil extracting by screw oil press. With years of development, our 6yl series oil machine can greatly press oil out from the moringa seeds. What is more, we are now offering the factory price of all of our customers. If you are interested in our moringa seed oil press machine or want to know how to set up a small oil pressing line for moringa oil extracting, please do not miss this chance to get the most cost effective oil machinery for moringa seeds.

Moringa oil efficacy

1. Moisturize dry skin

Applying Moringa oil to the skin can release its moisturizing and emollient properties, helping the skin retain moisture and prevent inflammation or peeling. This oil is also a purifying substance and, due to its antibacterial properties, helps protect the skin from environmental and allergic substances and pathogens.

2. Speed up treatment

Many people can use Moringa oil when they suffer from scratches, wounds, bruises or wear and tear. This oil can also help fight fungal infections or acne wounds, which can easily be contaminated by dust, dirt and oil or exacerbate symptoms.

3. Treat stomach problems

Moringa oil is traditionally used to treat stomach pain and ulcers. The active compounds and antioxidants in this oil can relieve intestinal inflammation, thereby reducing body acidity and related functions.

4. Helps inflammation

If you often suffer from arthritis symptoms, headaches, muscle aches, chronic fatigue or joint disease. It can relieve tissue swelling and eliminate pain, making it a good choice for chronic and acute health problems.

5. Hair care

Moringa oil can stimulate hair growth while also preventing hair loss. Oily emollients, antioxidants and antibacterial properties can protect the scalp and keep it moisturized, thereby limiting or eliminating dandruff. In addition, the abundant supply of fatty acids can improve the shine and luster of the hair.

6. Liver care

Studies have shown that Moringa oil can help reduce negative chemical markers in the body, which can signal liver damage or disorders. For people who have suffered liver damage in the past, this is particularly important to ensure proper liver function as they age.