Small Palm Oil Production Line Machine in Kenya

Small Palm Oil Production Line Machine in Kenya

Small Palm Oil Production Line Machine in Kenya with 1~10 ton per day production output, the total processing , including threshing, digesting and sterilizing, oil pressing and oil filtering. One of the reasons of small scale palm oil mill are very common in the global market including is that they are affordable and they are enough to produce sufficient amounts of palm oil for local business.


Small Palm Oil Production Line Machine in Kenya


Small Palm Oil Production Line Machine in Kenya
Model capacity   (T/h) Power(Kw) size(mm) Weight (Kg)
QIE-0.5 0.5 4 2200X1500X1600 260
QIE-1 1 5.5 2280X910X600 1340
QIE-2 2 7.5 2690X500X1100 1200
QIE-3 3 7.5 2850X950X650 2800
QIE-5 5~7 11 3940X1600X850 3400
The machine is a custom product, different batches, the size will be different, please consult customer service for details

Small Palm Oil Production Line Machine

Stripper is widely used in mini and small palm oil extraction mill. The palm fruits account for about 60% of the whole fruit bunch, and the purpose of threshing is to separate palm fruit from the fruit bunch. There is equipped with a lightweight rod in the thresher. When the drum rotates, the palm fruit bunch moves upwards and then falls under the force of gravity, so that palm fruit vibrates from the fruit bunch. The drum is continuously turned over until it is discharged from the bottom.

The palm fruits are subjected to high temperature cooking for about 60 minutes by hot water (about 100 ℃) to destroy the lipase in the fruit to avoid the increase of free fatty acid content in the oil. In addition, high temperature killing can make the fruit soft, which is beneficial to the subsequent shelling of the core and reduce the damage of the kernel.


Palm fruit oil press machine
Screw pressing is the main method of palm oil extraction. In pressing stage, mechanical screw palm oil pressing machine is used to extract the oil out of digested palm pulp which is a mixture of oil, water, fibre and nuts.

How it works

1. Loading: Load the palm fruits into the hopper.
2. Pressing: The machine crushes and presses the fruits to extract oil.
3. Collection: The extracted oil is collected in a separate container.
4. Filtration: The oil can be filtered to remove impurities for a higher quality product.

Oil filter press is a kind of plate oil-filter which is widely used in small scale oil processing plant or small refinery plant for separating solids from crude oil for manufacturing edible or cooking oil.

Oil refining machine
This refining plant consists of refining tank, decolorizing tank, deodorizing tank and filter, oil pump and electrical control system, It can realize palm oil degumming, deacidifying, drying, decolorizing, and deodorizing.

Customer Testimonials

"This oil press machine has revolutionized our palm oil production process. It's efficient, easy to use, and delivers a high yield of oil. Highly recommended!" – Matchani.

"Investing in this machine was the best decision for our small-scale palm oil production. It's durable, reliable, and has significantly
reduced our operating costs." –

  • Is palm oil produced in Kenya?
  • Currently, the total oil palm population in Kenya stands at 130,000 trees. This give rise to 13,704,593 metric tonnes of fresh fruit bunch that yield 2,741 metric tonnes of palm oil.
  • What machines are used to make palm oil?
  • The main machines used in palm oil mill are sterilization tank, thresher, palm oil press machine, vibrating screen, clarifying tank, and plate filter.
  • Can palm trees grow in Kenya?
  • The Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Institute (KALRO) Alupe Center in Busia County has demonstrated how Palm trees can be a viable source of income if harnessed properly. The center produces quality palm seedlings that are sold to various farmers for planting.
  • What are the machines used in oil production?
  • An oil extraction machine, also called an oil press or expeller, uses high pressure and heat to “squeeze” the oils out of a plant product.
  • Who is the largest consumer of palm oil in Africa?
  • Nigeria is the largest consumer of palm oil in Africa with a population of 197 million people (World Bank, 2018). The nation consumed approximately 3 million MT of fats and oils in 2018, with palm oil accounting for 44.7% or 1.34 million MT./li>

  • Who are the top 3 consumers of palm oil?
  • Indonesia accounts for 52% of world exports. Malaysian exports total 38%. The biggest consumers of palm oil are India, the European Union, and China, with the three consuming nearly 50% of world exports.
  • Is palm oil in high demand?
  • That has led to higher demand for palm oil beyond its traditional uses, with the USDA forecasting palm oil consumption in 2023-24 to grow by 4.76% on the year to 78.06 million tonnes.
  • Is palm oil profitable in Kenya?
  • The palm oil industry presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs in Kenya. As one of the most widely consumed cooking oils in Nigeria, the demand for palm oil is consistently high.