Palm oil production line /palm fruit oil processing production line /palm fruit processing machine indonesia

Palm oil production line /palm fruit oil processing production line /palm fruit processing machine indonesia

1. Sterilization
The palm fruit bunches received from the palm orchard are first transported into the sterilization tank for sterilization. Destroy the lipase in the pulp to prevent the free fatty acid content in the oil from increasing. High temperature sterilization can also make the palm fruit soft and easy to remove the fruit.

2. Decapsulation
Palm fruit accounts for about 60% of the palm fruit bunch. Before pressing, the palm fruit must be separated from the fruit bunch. The equipment used is a drum threshing machine. There is a rotating drum inside the rotating drum threshing machine, and the fruit can be separated from the fruit bunch by its rotation.

3. Mash
The function of mashing is to destroy the fibrous structure of palm pulp, making it easier to squeeze and produce oil. The equipment used for mashing is a mashing tank, which has a lining reamer on its inner wall, and the palm pulp can be mashed under the drive of the top motor to improve the pressing efficiency.

4. Squeeze
The squeezing equipment used in the 1-5t/h small palm oil squeezing production line is a double helix palm oil press. In the pressing process, the snails of the oil press can be squeezed to extract palm oil from the palm fruit.

5. Oil Clarification
Crude palm oil after pressing contains some impurities, which need to be removed through the oil clarification section

6. Dry
The clarified and filtered crude palm oil contains some water, which will make the crude oil easy to rancid and deteriorate, and it is not easy to store. In order to remove the moisture in the oil, the crude palm oil should be passed into the vacuum drying system, and the moisture will be evaporated and separated under agitation.

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