oil pressing machines for sale in zimbabwe

oil pressing machines for sale in zimbabwe

Oil Pressing Machines for Sale in Zimbabwe is a machine that uses the external force of the machine to increase the temperature, activate the oil molecules, and squeeze the oil out of the oil.
Special just made, durable, press system adopts directional pressure, high pressure, high oil yield.
Intelligent integrated control panel, humanized design, automatic temperature control, real-time data, complete control, simple adjustment and operation.

Scope of application oil yield:
soybean peanut sunflower seeds flaxseed olive oil camellia seeds palm and other oil crops.(Related Information: Cold Press Oil Machine Sunflower Oil Extraction Machines in Zimbabwe>>)


name Automatic screw oil press
model HY-L60 HY-L80 HY-L100 HY-L125 HY-L150
power 2.2kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 15kw 22kw
Heater power 0.9kw 2.0kw 2.2kw 2.8kw 4.5kw
processing capacity(kg/h) 30-60 80-130 140-280 350-400 400-500
vacuum pump(kw) 0.5 1.1 1.1 1.5 2.5
Weight(Kg) 220 780 1100 1280 1500
size(mm) 1200*780*1100 1700×1200×1500 1800×1300×1680 2100×1400×1700 2100×1300×1600


1 Automatic temperature control, vacuum filtration, three squeeze, high oil, pure color,

2 For: olive oil, sesame, peanut, rapeseed, sunflower, and other, it is a small-scale multi-functional oil press

3 High degree of automation, simple operation, stable quality, can be fried and sold now

Product detail description


Why choose us?
1. We are a professional manufacturer of food machinery and equipment.
2. We have a standardized physical and chemical laboratory, an excellent design team, and a complete production process (cutting workshop, heat treatment workshop, pressing workshop, forging workshop, finishing workshop, grinding workshop, installation workshop).

How do we control our quality?
1. Strictly follow the design process flow for production and processing.
2. The raw materials must pass the mechanical property test and chemical composition test.
3. Parts are subject to hardness testing and vernier caliper testing.
4. Each weld needs to be tested by ultrasonic flaw detection
5. Each piece of equipment undergoes factory inspection and acceptance of the whole machine.

What products can you buy from me?
Oil press and supporting equipment, oil pressing production line, frying equipment and supporting equipment, fried food production line, distillation and concentration extraction equipment and technical support, mixer, mixing tank, storage tank, various packaging machines, filling machines, capping machine, labeling machine, sterilization equipment, beer juice, beverage production line.
What services can we provide?
1. 6-12 months warranty policy
2. Track the order until you receive the goods
3. Accepted payment currencies: USD, EUR, HKD, RMB
4. 24-hour online service