Moringa Coconut Sunflower Oil Extraction Machinery Cooking Oil Cold Press Machine In South Africa Pakistan Kenya Zimbabwe India

Moringa Coconut Sunflower Oil Extraction Machinery Cooking Oil Cold Press Machine In South Africa Pakistan Kenya Zimbabwe India

Product Details
Applicable Industries:
Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Other
Max Capacity:
Showroom Location:
Oil press
oil press
Automatic Grade:
Production Capacity:
600 KG, 600kg
1 Year
Key Selling Points:
Easy to Operate
Marketing Type:
New Product 2020
Machinery Test Report:
Video outgoing-inspection:
Warranty of core components:
1 Year
Core Components:
Oil type:
Flax Seed Oil, Soybean Oil, Rap seed oil, Tea Seed Oil, Basil oil, SESAME OIL, Pinenut oil, sunflower seed oil, Almond Oil, walnut oil, Peanut Oil, Coconut Oil, OLIVE OIL, Palm Oil
Capacity for one time:
keep working:
24 hours
Need time for one:
Biggest working pressure:
Product Description

Hydraulic oil press machine

Finished product display

Efficient oil is golden and pureStainless steel oil press, the pressed oil is golden and pure, nutritious and healthy, and the oil yield is high!Physical pressing is adopted to keep the heating at the proper pressing temperature. It is pure and fragrant, and no other substances are added. Ensure smooth oil delivery, rich nutrition, health and safety.
If you want to squeeze good oil, you must choose a good oil press!

1.8-10 tons of raw materials can be processed in a day.
Due to different varieties of raw materials, different oil content and oil particle size, oil pressing speed and oil yield will be different.

The common engine oil residue is too wet, the oil residue is large, the oil yield cannot be guaranteed, and the consumption performance is high.

Operating procedures of hydraulic sesame oil machine
Precautions before startup:
Clean the oil tank, and fill it with hydraulic oil. Check whether the bolts in each part are loose, and check whether the line connection is correct.
1. Pre-heat before pressing oil every time. The pre-heating temperature is 50 -70 degrees in summer and autumn, and 70 -90 degrees in winter and spring. The pre-heating system is automatically controlled, so it is not necessary to turn off the temperature control switch.
2. Hold the handle of the upper top plate to open it completely: the upper top plate is 180 degrees from the working position, and the bottom of the press is padded, and the piston is lowered into place for later use.
3. Run the air machine 1-2 times before pressing oil every time. For example, if the hydraulic oil changes tone in winter and spring, run the air machine for 5-10 minutes to make the oil thin and easy to operate.
4. Drain the oil fume from the fried oil and put it into a press.
5. Put a cushion on the upper end of the squeezed oil, put the separating plate on the upper end of the squeezed oil, and push it horizontally into the squeezed oil. If there is less oil, the oil can be raised at startup to keep the oil on the upper plane slightly lower than the upper end face of the press; Otherwise, the upper jaw can't meet, lift the handle of the manual valve, and start pressing.
6. This hydraulic press must be operated by a special person. The main machine is not allowed to leave during the boosting process. When the pressure gauge reaches 55 MPa, the main motor will stop working. Otherwise, the power supply should be turned off immediately. Check whether the pressure gauge is damaged or malfunctioning, and whether the AC contactor is damaged. If there is any damage, it should be replaced immediately, and then turned on for use.
7. When the pressure gauge rises to 55 MPa, the electrical control system will automatically stop. When the pressure of the press has dropped to 45 MPa, the electrical control system will automatically turn on, and the pressure of the pressure gauge will rise again, and there will be no oil seeping out of the press joint, indicating that the oil has been squeezed out.
8. Shut down the machine, hold the handle of the manual valve, press down the valve core of the manual valve, so that the press is lowered to 10 mm above the top, lift the handle of the manual valve, and open the upper plate.
9. Turn on the machine, the oil cake rises, and the piston plate is about 5mm higher than the upper end face of the press. Turn off the machine, take off the separating plate and the upper cushion, and take out the oil.
10. Press down the handle, and the piston descends to prepare for the second pressing.

Product detail

Electrical control

It consists of motor, voltmeter, temperature control meter, pressure gauge, power supply safety and other components.

Hydraulic transmission efficiency

This machine adopts hydraulic triple plunger pump station, which has high efficiency, high pressure, stable pressure, high oil yield and high temperature resistance, and can work continuously.

Carbon steel

The oil cylinder always pushes up by high pressure, and the oil flows out from the oil seam in the squeezing chamber.

Quality assurance

Simple structure, good adaptability, small floor space and low noise.

Product real photo

After Sales Service

Quality assurance

We have always focused on research and development because they are the key to our corporate innovation. They make us do better in production, technical service and marketing.
We provide high-quality machines and professional after-sales service.
Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction and value. We usually provide 1 year warranty and free common accessories.
We promise that our products are brand new and have not been used. They are made of corresponding materials and adopted a new design.
The quality, specifications, and functions are in compliance with the contract requirements.
We promise that the products produced on this production line can be stored for one year without any additives.

Test and teardownPackage TransportationInstallation and commissioning

company information

What's the lifetime of the wearing parts?The material of our product is of high quality, and the lifetime of our wearing parts is twice longer than the others,including the roller skin, die and bearing.

What shall we do if breakdown occurs?
.In case of failure, please inform us. During the warranty period, in case of failure, we will respond in time after receiving the buyer's notice. We will handle the fault by telephone / fax or email according to the buyer's requirements.
Question 6: Do you have English Manual for each machinery?
A: Yes. The instruction manual,the test report and other Data Sheets related shall be provided by us.
Do you have some foreign customers useing your equipments?Yes , we have customers all over the world.
One set is welcome, and mix products for order are welcome.

PackageStandard export wooden case or other packages depending on products packaging weight is subject to the actual pack.
How long is your warranty?
A:The warranty period of our products is one year (excluding man-made damage and misuse). During the warranty period, we will provide maintenance videos or face-to-face videos to teach you. If the machine has serious quality problems, we support returning it.

Do you have any other fish processing equipment?
A:Yes. we have fish pre processing equipment and deep process machinery, such as fish head removing machine, fish block making
machine, fish scaling machine, fish gutting machine, fish bone and meat separating machine, fish ball making machine.etc.