Mini Sunflower Cooking Oil Press Machine Equipment in Zambia

Mini Sunflower Cooking Oil Press Machine Equipment in Zambia

Product Description
It is suitable for rapeseed, peanut, soybean,sunflower, rapeseed, sesame seed, tea seed, walnut, olive, corn germ, rice bran, safflower seed, seeds of hippophae rhamnoides and so on.Automatic spiral oil press machine is mainly composed of electric control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum oil filter components.

1. High oil yield

Compared with the old equipment, the normal oil yield can be 3-6 percentage points higher, the economic benefit is very considerable.
2. Oil purity
Vacuum filtration residue, ensure oil purity, extracted oil original taste, no pollution, in line with the requirements of health and epidemic prevention.
3. Small floor area
Oil workshop only 10-20 square meters can meet the use.
4. Mainly by automatic electrical control
Infrared heating, vacuum filtration, the host is made of high quality materials, its advanced processing and production to improve the oil yield, the performance has reached the domestic advanced level.

Model Boring diameter
Boring speed
Matching power(kw) Capacity
Motor main engine Vacuum pump (optional) heating power
LY-60 55 52 2.2 0.55 0.9 30-60 220 1200*780*1100
LY-70 65 48 3 0.75 1.8 50-80 280 1400*860*1260
LY-80 80 47 5.5 1.1 2 65-130 780 1700*1200*1500
LY-100 101 38 7.5 1.1 2 140-280 1100 1800*1300*1680
LY-125 125 37 15 1.5 2.8 300-400 1280 2100*1400*1700

Integrated sunflower oil press machine with filter is a kind of superior oil pressing machine nowadays in the market. Integrated sunflower oil press machine is used for processing cooking oil from various oil bearing materials such as peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, sesame seeds and so on.

Besides, the integrated screw oil press is suitable for both cold and hot pressing. Compared with screw oil press machine, the integrated sunflower oil press machine adds automatic heating device and control system, and filtering equipment, which can achieve the dual purpose of extracting oil and filtering oil.

Integrated sunflower oil press machine

The integrated sunflower oil press machine with filter has the advantage of higher efficiency, lower consumption, simple operating, stable function, easy maintenance, high productivity and high oil output. The integrated sunflower oil press machine with filter mainly consists of three parts as following: Screw oil press, heating element,vacuum filtering system, Therefore, such integrated oil press machine could supply better quality edible oil for consumption. Also one PLC display has been installed for controlling feeding, oil flowing speed, chamber heating etc. So manpower can be saved and work efficiency can be improved as well.

Main Steps of Making Sunflower Oil:

(1) Seed Cleaning: It is the first step to help ensure that a quality oil and meal are obtained. Aspiration,indent cleaning, sieving, or some combination of these are used in the cleaning process. During processing,meal quality can be affected by temperature and other factors.
(2)Pre-conditioning and Flaking: The cleaned seed is first heated to about 30-40ºC to prevent shattering. Some moisture adjustment may also be required. The preheated seed is then flaked on roller mills, set to very tight clearance.
(3) Cooking:The flaked seeds are then heated to about 75-100ºC in cookers. An important function of the cooking operation is to control enzymatic activity in the flaked seed, which depends on temperature and moisture content.
(4) Pressing: The heat-conditioned seed is passed into continuous sunflower screw oil press machine or expellers to reduce the oil content of the seed from about 42% (8% moisture basis) to 16-20% mechanically.
(5) Refining: To ensure good stability and shelf-life, the crude oil goes through a series of refining processes to remove compounds like phospholipids, mucilaginous gums, free fatty acids, colour pigments and fine meal particles.


Product Details
Max Capacity:
750 kg/h
Showroom Location:
Peanut Oil
Cold & Hot Pressing Machine
Automatic Grade:
Production Capacity:
depend on model
320 KG