10TPD Sunflower Oil Processing Plant

10TPD Sunflower Oil Processing Plant

10TPD sunflower oil pressing line of sunflower seed oil processing plant:

If you want to produce crude sunflower oil by simple steps, you only need oil seeds roaster, sunflower oil press machine and oil filter. (Related reading: small sunflower oil pressing plant) However, a complete small scale sunflower oil processing plant is automatic and continuous, so this 10TPD sunflower oil pressing plant is a complete oil pressing line, which contains sunflower seeds preparation and oil press line.

Sunflower oil pressing process of sunflower seed oil processing plant:

Sunflower seeds - cleaning - crushing - cooking - pressing - clarification - filtration - crude sunflower oil

Sunflower Oil Production Process & Machine

  • Sunflower Oil Pressing Machine: There are many types and models of sunflower oil pressing machinery in today’s market. But, we recommend screw oil press since it costs lower but has very good producing capacity. We offer two types of screw oil press machine for sunflower oil production, one is the single screw oil press and the other is automatic oil press. Both are very great in practical uses. If you want to know more specifications or the latest prices, please contact us!

  • Sunflower Oil Filtering, Refining and Dewaxing Machine: to remove impurities (organic impurities, phospholipid, odors, pigment, wax, etc.) contained in the crude sunflower oil, enhance the stability for storage, improve the sunflower oil flavor and improve the color of sunflower oil.

The sunflower seed oil production process

  1. The screening of sunflower seed: the screening machine (sieving machine) remove most of the impurities from the raw material, then raw material goes to the grinding mill over the screw conveyor, after crushing it is elevated to steam cooking machine, after high temperature softening and steam frying will break the internal cells of the material.
  2. Sunflower seed oil pressing: Material is then transmitted by the screw conveyor to the three-layer cooking machine on the oil press, till the moisture content is proper(about 8% or so); then material fall to the oil press for oil pressing.
  3. Oil filtering: Oil from the oil press is filtered through the screen to filter large quantity of impurities, and the oil is temporarily stored in the oil tank under the oil press. Till the oil in the tank reaches 1.5t, the oil will be pumped into the plate filter.
  4. Oil refining: Then the filtered oil is pumped into the refining pot to precipitate and desoponificate, and then it is measured acid base, and adds an appropriate amount of alkali solution. After 8 hours, the oil was washed with brine. Then oil goes decolorizing, deodorization and filtered and tranmitted to final oil tank. Finished oil is automatically filled and labeled for sale.

Wide Application of Sunflower Oil Production

  • Cooking Oil:  When it comes to edible purpose, sunflower seed oil is known for its premium characteristics such as light color, bland flavor, rich unsaturated fatty acids, low linoleic acid and high smoke point. From improving heart's well-being and maintaining the glow of the skin from within to boosting energy and strengthening the immune system, the goodness of sunflower oil has provisions to take good care of overall health and reduce the risks of deadly diseases such as cancer and asthma.
  • Industrial Use: It is can also be used in production of paints, soaps and detergents, adhesives and plastics, fabric softeners, diesel fuel and so on.